Latest Beard Styles for Men

Facial hairs or beard are pretty important part of a Men's Face. Beard styles can be used to hide the unnecessary details and to enhance the desired one's. So, we will try to provide some effective tips which will not only help in choosing a beard style, but will also tell you how to maintain that style.
So, starting with the different face types.

  • A longer face isn't much suited for beards but if you try a style which is lighter from the bottom and heavier through the sides, that you can achieve the perfect oval look. But if you do otherwise than you'll end up having a longer face, making your forehead look odd and nose getting extra attention than required.
  • For a wider face, beard is a good option because it tends to give converging effect when it isn't much thick so a little scruffy beard will make the face sharp. Particularly, if you are on the bulky side( having high fat percentage). Also, the short trimmed beard tends to make your out of form jaw look in shape, or simply draw attention from it towards your upper face and eyes mainly.
  • For a shorter face or a round face the beard having a little more weight at the bottom does the trick. It causes the elongating effect on your face. The french cut beard and the styles where facial hairs are more at chin and around the lips than on the cheeks give a good shape to your face.
  • Oval faces are considered best when it comes to hairstyles and beard styles because almost every style goes well on the oval faces. So, every style is well suited. If you keep in view your color tone.

Color tone matters a lot, and the color of your beard also decides much. Black color of facial hairs a most common and for fair people black and brown both go well, even if they are thick and big. But for people who are little on the brown/black side the trimmed beard is best, as it gives a cool outlook.
Check these amazing looking people and experiment what goes well with your face!