Lil Wayne Body Tattoos

Celebs are always considered ahead in fashion as there are number of people who follow their favorite celebrity in all ways. When it comes to fashion, tattoos are part of it. And you all know who always takes the lead in tattoo art? Yeah no doubt Rappers!

lil wayne tattoos

Now a day the tattoo frenzy has taken over the Hollywood, but only Lil Wayne took it to the next level. With some fascinating tracks and shirtless shot in Mirror ft Bruno Mars, Lil Wayne left every one longing for his tattoos. So we considered it important to write about Lil Wayne's Tattoos. Lil Wayne has a whole lot of tattoos craved on his body. From fingers to eye lids, he is loaded with tattoos and he is proud of his artist nature when it comes to tattoos.
Lil Wayne has tattoos on his face, back, arms, eyelids, hands and every other possible location he can thought of we guess. So what does Lil Waynes tattoos mean? Well it means crazy money and a whole lot of show off skills. He has tear tattoos, dragons and occasional demons and tribal tattoos as well. And he has managed to get them all on his body. And as a result now all we can see on his body are tattoos, people love him for his cocky rap skills and mysterious attitude. And some hate him too, for the exact same reason. But we here approve his tattoos, even though they are a little too much to handle for a normal person. But if you are a celebrity of his stature, you can do whatever and however you like!
Check some of his Music videos and pictures to have a close up of his tattoos, and do let us know what you think of his tattoos.

lil wayne tattoos on arm
Lil Wayne Tattoos side view

lil wayne tattoos on hands
Lil Wayne Hands Tattoos

lil wayne all body tattoo
Lil Wayne body Tattoos

lil wayne with cool tattoos
Lil Wayne Arm Tattoos

lil wayne tattoos on eye lids
Lil Wayne eye lid tattoos

lil wayne face tattoos
Lil Wayne Face tattoos

lil wayne mob chest tattoo

lil wayne concert shirtless

lil wayne shirtless on stage