Fairy Holding a Rose Tattoo

Feminine tattoos look very delicate and add a style statement to the wearer. There are various types of tattoos that women love to get inscribed on themselves. These tattoos include butterfly tattoos, flower tattoos, star tattoos and fairy tattoos.

You can often see young girls showing of a fairy holding a rose tattoo. It looks very unique and feminine while also bringing forward the bearer’s inner innocence. It is a commonly accepted truth that young girls are fascinated by fairies. You can find many Disney fairies like Tinker Bell, Fawn, Iridessa, Silvermist, Rosetta, Bess, Fira, Lily, Prilla, Beck, Rani, Vidia, etc. adorning the bright spot on the hot feminine tattoo list.

If you have been thinking about having a tattoo done, then why not get a fairy holding a rose tattoo. The tattoo combines two popular types of tattoos and that is why it is such a popular and preferred tattoo for young girls. This tattoo looks good when done with lots of bright colors bringing out the art. You can always choose the fairy you want to inscribe. This is important because the fairy you choose would reflect your inner self and style sense as well. So pay enough attention and give it some thought before you take a pick.

Each of the popular fairies have a specific talent attached to them which marks their appearance like a firefly fairy can be drawn with yellow-red flaming colored clothes and props while a water fairy can be drawn in blue wavy clothes and matching props. You first choose the characteristics that you associate with yourself and the one that you want to exhibit. Depending on your choice of the fairy you can get a fairy holding a rose tattoo on you preferred spot on your body.

Before you select the tattoo size, you need to decide on the spot for the tattoo on your body. The location is of utmost importance for the tattoo you chose. First of all decide whether you want the tattoo to be visible all the time or you want to show it only when you desire. You can get a fairy holding a rose tattoo on your arm if you want it to be visible all the time or get it on your shoulder or back to show it only when you were specific clothes. You can even get it done on your ankle for that ultimate feminine and delicate appeal.