peace sign tattoos designs and ideas

The Tattoos; are markings made on the body with the help of indelible ink. The tattoos are used for decorative purpose in human beings while in animals these markings help in identification. The art of tattooing which has its origin in Eurasia, is currently being practiced worldwide. This art was practiced from the Neolithic times. In Japan, the indigenous people known as the ‘Ainu’ used facial tattoos. In the Japanese language, ‘irezumi’ is the world used for the term tattooing, which means ‘insertion of ink’.

The peace sign is circular in its form with three prongs that face downwards enclosed in it. The symbol has been widely used since many decades in demonstrations against wars. Today’s peace sign has originated from the anti-nuclear symbol designed in Britain in the year 1958. Soon after its usage as the anti-nuclear symbol, the peace sign gained popularity and was used in movements and protests that followed later.

Although various signs of peace have been used round the world for centuries, their mainstream popularity actually rose in the 1960′s when the Baby Boom Generation was challenging the war and embracing peace. The most popular depictions of peace are peace sign circles, “V” peace sign hand gestures, white doves (generally regarded as a religious symbols), white cranes, and olive branches. Each carries the dominant message of peace, however, their different styles and color palettes offer those seeking peace sign tattoos a wide range of designs to choose from

Peace Sign Tattoos
There are many peace sign tattoo designs one can sport on the body. The wrists, hips, stomach and feet are the body parts generally used to sport a tattoo. One can choose from the various peace sign tattoos ideas ranging from simple tattoos without much decorations to the bold and jazzy stuff.

Even a simple design of a peace tattoo could be made to look catchy and different by creating it in different forms. One can experiment with the color combination, shape and add effects to the original design of the peace tattoo. The tattoos can also be enclosed in other pictures to give them a slightly different look. Some tattoos are created with a 3D effect which makes them appear raised on the surface.

The peace sign tattoos on wrists with the design of melting rainbow colors are also commonly used. Famous Peace Sign Tattoos DesignThe design with a rose vine wrapping around the symbol also looks beautiful. The yin and yang symbols which are in vogue nowadays could be merged with the peace sign tattoos to create an innovative and a completely new tattoo design.
If one is thinking about having peace sign tattoos on feet, he/she should understand that foot tattoos cause more pain than other tattoos. This is because the absence of muscles between the foot bones and the skin inflicts much more pain than tattoos on other parts of the body.

Singer Ashlee Simpson has one on her right middle finger and actor/musician Corey Feldman also has a bleeding peace sign on his left shoulder.
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