Penguin Tattoos Meaning

Although most tattoos carry significant meaning, penguin tattoos are a rare exception. Instead of being a deep and meaningful piece to its wearer, penguin tattoos are simply a fun bit of whimsical body art.

Penguins don’t have much experience with humans, so it’s not surprising that we don’t have much experience with them. The Antarctic, was after all, except for penguins, seals and a few other sea birds, a bitterly cold, utterly inhospitable environment for human habitation.

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But underneath the ice shelf of the Antarctic is an incredibly rich sea environment teaming with life and extraordinary bio-diversity and a magnet for whales and other marine creatures who are drawn to the rich feeding grounds for krill and other food sources. For this reason, penguins aren’t well established in folklore or in the international lexicon of symbols.

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Other than a few isolated outposts on the extreme end of South Americas and New Zealand, you have to go to all the way to the Antarctic to find penguins. Whatever the penguin means to you, well, that’s what it means to you. The penguin is a symbol more open than most to a very personal interpretation.

Most penguin tattoos are made up in the cartoon style. These birds are often seen as endearing, and even cute. These qualities are regularly played up either by their appearance, or with added props.

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For example, the penguin may have exceptionally large eyes that carry a sweet expression; they may have very plump bodies, and look as if they are waddling around. As for props, this may be something as simple as a wintry cloche hat with a daisy in the brim, or a scarf wrapped casually around its neck.

Cartoon styled penguin tattoos do not always have to be cute. Many penguin tattoos feature this creature in action; a penguin riding a surf board in icy water, in a round of fisticuffs with a polar bear, or — playing off their coloring — a debonair penguin with top hat waltzing with his curvaceous female equivalent.

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Penguin Tattoo Meaning
Penguins are one of the most loved creatures in the world. One glance at them and only one word cross your mind, cute! They are also known as bubbly and playful creatures and hence, perceived as endearing. There is no significant meaning associated with penguins, however, certain groups of people believe in certain symbolism and have attached them to this cute animal.

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Firstly, it is commonly known that penguins appear similar to men wearing black jacket or overcoat and hence, they are believed to represent good manners and charm.

Secondly, as they are found in cool atmospheres, they themselves are supposed to be coolest animals and people who keep their cool in every situation sport this unique tattoo. However, in most of the cases, penguin tattoos are sported for their appearance rather than for the meaning associated with them.Phoenix

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For some, the penguin may represent a ‘nun’. Or it means ‘keeping your cool’. It’s a bird in a tuxedo, a ‘stuffed-shirt’, a waiter, the Maitre ‘D. It appears to have impeccable good manners to go along with its dapper good looks. Who doesn’t look dashing and debonair in a dinner jacket? The penguin is the James Bond of the bird world.

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The penguin has been co-opted by Hollywood, recruiting the bird as the hero of animated and highly anthropomorphic films in which the Emperor Penguin has featured in the the starring role.

These are some of the popular penguin tattoo designs that can be used for the tattooing on the body. You can either use these designs directly as they are or take inspiration from them to create your own designs.

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If thinking of the location of the tattoo, then it depends on the size of the tattoo. Penguin tattoos look cool when made in smaller size and hence, can be placed on arms, chest, back, neck, thighs, abdomen, etc.