Tattoo Designs For Women – Butterflies Tattoos

A butterfly is always looked upon by any individual with great excitement and a joyful mind. The activities that a butterfly performs while sitting on a flower petal or even on a surface, at times makes a notable impression about a few traits of human, as to how we can be cheerful and happy without a special occasion or cause.

Butterflies tattoos too hold such similar impact on the heart and mind of the individual who can perceive it with great delight and curiosity. Such an art on a person’s skin can even change the personality of the bearer as a whole. Tattoo designing on such patterns have gain immense popularity and fame. People of all ages have come up and shown their likings for such a design which in a way suits to their internal traits and characteristic features.

Butterfly tattoos are the physical symbols of the human soul and just as the night butterfly is attracted by flame, the human soul is attracted by heavenly truths. The metamorphosis of the butterfly is one of the great mysteries of Nature, a butterfly tattoo design is often used as a representation of change or simply the beauty and wonder of life and nature.

You’ll find many wonderful butterfly designs and lower back butterfly tattoos in our gallery, as well as tribal tattoo butterflies, butterfly flower tattoos and much more. We’re sure to have the butterfly tattoo design you want, right here.

butterfly-and-flowers-on-neck-tattoobutterfly-tattoo - tattoo designs for women

The design and the color combination that these butterflies tattoos hold is pretty resounding and still fresh to have on placed on any part of the body. Normally the female category have shown high rate of insatiable curiosity and interests for such a design on their bodies. The ladies of middle age prefer to wear it on back neck, arms, waist, neck, belly button and even lower back. The wings of the butterfly can be made more prominent if made to come alive on an area with lager space like the back or the chest. The color code suitable and selected for such designs makes it look more cool and realistic.