This really hot male model thinks his face tattoos will take him to the next level

This hot male model thinks his face tattoos will make him world famous
Speak to the face – Vin is a male model with a unique look (Picture: Maxime Girard-Tremblay,
Meet Vin Los, 24, a male model from Montreal, Canada. Remember his name because he’s going to be ‘the most famous man in the world’. But, if you do happen to forget, don’t worry, he’s got it tattooed on his torso. Handy.
Now, Vin here has got a particularly lovely visage, but then there are lots of guys with lovely faces, amiright? So, he decided to step it up a notch and get loads of random words tattooed on his truly lovely face so he could basically take over the world.
Vin los
He’s a really good read (Picture: Maxime Girard-Tremblay,
Yes, these are real tattoos on his face (and everywhere else) and not just words written on with a marker pen. Here he is proving it (by using a wet cloth to remove camouflage makeup and reveal the tats underneath, of course):
Vin Los gif
But some have questioned his choice of mots justes to have permanently etched on his face. There’s fame across his forehead, guilty between his brows and, of course, sex bomb on his collarbone. He’s also got chest hair tattooed onto his shaven chest. Righto.
Vin says of his reasoning behind the interesting body art: ‘As a model, I wanted to create an image that fits exactly with the current popular culture. I love everything that is sensational and unusual!’. He claims he makes his designs ‘intentionally ugly’ to take people out of their comfort zone and ‘play with the design aesthetics’.
Vin los  model with tats. Given permission to pej to use images  Credit as below teh images and link back to his site
Vin likes to take people out of their comfort zone with his choice of words (Picture: Maxime Girard-Tremblay,
He also hopes they will propel him to global stardom.
We’re rooting for you Vin but just in case you one day regret your tat choices, there’s always Alan Sugar’s new skincare clinics, which offer laser tattoo removal with a free consultation:
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