Keep Calm and have tattoos

There are so many things to see and say about tattoos ! So many styles , so many fonts to choose , so many quotes to write on your body! Tattoos are the new wave which came into our lives ! Through tattoos people not only decorate their body but they express their feelings or a moment into their lives which was really important ( happy , sad , unique … )

For the history
Tattooing has been practice since Neolithic times around 3000BC ( it’s been a long time ). In China tattoos had been associated with criminals and bandits . In northern India, permanent tattoos are called ""Godna."" Tattoos have been used as cultural symbols then. Tattoos were really popular in Ancient India and Egypt and still remain popular today in the Indian subcontinent, Middle East and North Africa ( that’s why you can find many Egyptian and tribal tattoos, they were their favourite style those years ) . In Europe now Pre-Christian Germanic, Celtic and other central and northern European tribes were often heavily tattooed, according to surviving accounts. In Persian culture, tattooing, body painting, and body piercing has been around for thousands of years. The statues and stone carvings remained from Achaemenid Empire prove existence of body piercing and earrings on ancient Persian gods,kings and soldiers

Nowadays tattoes become a social practice worldwide ! People have aspirations to have a tattoo somewhere on their body or already have one or two or three and goes on ! Many people get inspired by famous singers,actors or football players!To be honest all these famous people are having great tattoos so why not copy them ?

Some tips now but I think that you who already have tattoos will know:
·When you have your tattoo done you have to apply the special cream for at least one week maybe more but never less .
Also the first days you have to wash gently the area with the new tattoo in order to avoid an infection
Remember that your skin needs one month ( and not one week) to “get used to” your new tattoo that’s why needs special care in order to look colourful and not faded over the years .
Always protect your tattoo from the sun using sunblock cream .

So lets enjoy some tattoos in pictures! Believe me it was hard to choose! There are definitely million tattoos out there ready to explore them! Enjoy .

(This is me by the way )

Some famous men who love tattoos

Some famous ladies who love tattoos

And some Greek personalities who love tattoos on their body

Here are some failed tattoos! Shit happens :

And finally you should check this guy ! His name is Rick Genest and he’s a model !